Insurance Requirements
While it may appear that the requirements made by the Morris County Park Commission and the County of Morris are onerous, they have been developed to protect both the County as well as the individual or entity using the Park Commission's facilities.  Specific insurance coverages are required to properly cover claims that occur during an event that have caused other’s bodily injuries or property damages.
Below are the required insurance documentation for the Morris County Park Commission and the County of Morris.

Insurance Checklist for Submission

MCPC Indemnification Form

  • MCPC Indemnification for Event Coordinator Status (must be preapproved by the MCPC to qualify for this status)
The Morris County Park Commission (MCPC) and the County of Morris (COM) require any Business or Non Profit Organization to carry workers’ compensation and employer’s liability insurance in accordance with the mandated statutory requirements of the State of New Jersey. 

MCPC Self Employed Certificate -  The MCPC and the COM are requiring all contractors claiming to be self-employed to certify their status as such. 

MCPC Unincorporated Entity Certification - The MCPC and the COM are requiring all groups claiming to be unincorporated entities to certify their status as such.

Vendor Application - This form is for vendors who are hired by someone renting an MCPC facility and they are working for the renting party.