Patriots’ Path Great Morristown Greenway – Public Information Center

The Great Morristown Greenway, is currently in the Preliminary Engineering phase of work.  A virtual Public Information Center (PIC) was held on Thursday August 26, 2021 from 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM.  The purpose of the meeting was to provide an opportunity for input on the project, review exhibits, ask questions and discuss any concerns. A brief Presentation was held at 6:05 PM and 7:05 PM. click to view a video recording of the virtual meeting

The purpose of this project is to formalize an existing 8’ wide undeveloped (dirt and gravel surface) section of Patriots’ Path (PP), into an 8’ wide porous paving and asphalt shared use path for non-motorized access.  This section of Patriots’ Path is located in the Town of Morristown and extends for 0.9-miles from the south at MLK Boulevard and from Speedwell Avenue and Cory Road from the north, and is known as the Great Morristown Greenway. 

The existing alignment of this segment of Patriots’ Path follows dirt and gravel paths and roadway shoulders along NJ Transit and the Town of Morristown accessways and parallels the Whippany River and Pocahontas Lake on the west side and NJ Transit Morristown Line to the east.  The proposed shared use path will be formalized along the existing alignment using an both porous paving and asphalt surfaces.  Asphalt surface will only be used along the roughly 600’ long access way with NJ Transit.  The remainder of the project will be made of porous pavement.  The project will be built on property owned by the Town of Morristown via an easement (pending) and by NJ Transit via a License Agreement (pending).

The existing alignment also serves as an intermittent accessway for the Town of Morristown to access utility infrastructure in the area including a sewer line and spillway of the Pocahontas Lake Dam and for NJ Transit’s access to their rail yard and substation.  Access by these property owners is very infrequent and shall not interfere with the operations of a shared use path facility.

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