Mahlon Dickerson Reservation Forest Assessment and Stewardship Plan
Mahlon Dickerson Reservation Forest Assessment and Stewardship Plan
The Morris County Park Commission, in partnership with the New Jersey Audubon, has prepared a Forest Stewardship Plan for Mahlon Dickerson Reservation to be approved the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection.
Mahlon Dickerson Reservation is the Park Commission’s largest park, encompassing approximately 3,400 acres located in Jefferson Township. This Forest Stewardship Plan will assist and sustainably guide responsible forest management decisions over the next ten years. In order to prepare the plan, NJ Audubon collected comprehensive and statistically valid tree data which was evaluated and processed through modelling software to act as a baseline metric for any stewardship work. Further, a team of botanists from Wild Ridge Plants LLC was retained to conduct a botanical survey at Mahlon Dickerson, with an emphasis on rare plants and plant communities. This resulting report serves as one of many supplemental resources that will be used to guide stewardship activities.
The project partners acknowledge the important environmental, social and economic services our working forest lands supply to the state, local communities, and the gamut of wildlife for which these woodlands are home. We are committed to maintaining the integrity of these ecosystems.
The Morris County Park Commission has prepared a set of management objectives. They are hopeful these objectives may be achievable through the implementation of a Forest Stewardship Plan.
Mahlon Dickerson Reservation, 995 Weldon Road, Jefferson Township
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The Morris County Park Commission has extended the public comment period thru December 17, 2019.

The Morris County Park Commission is accepting written comments on the proposed Mahlon Dickerson Reservation Forest Assessment and Stewardship Plan.  The Commission is providing a 30-day review period and comments are to be submitted by Monday, November 11, 2019.  The Plan can be found on the Park Commission’s website at

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