Information for Non-Hunters

White-tailed Deer Management Program

Hunting Schedule

  • In New Jersey, the hunting of deer is permitted from September to February.
  • The MCPC establishes a hunting schedule each year based on the dates permitted under New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife regulations.
  • The MCPC usually prepares its hunting schedule during the summer. The schedule is then reviewed at a MCPC public meeting.
  • The schedule is posted online each year.
  • Since the list of parks included in the program is subject to change each year, it is important to check the schedule each year.
  • By State law, no hunting is permitted at MCPC facilities on Sundays.

Public Access to Hunted Parks

  • Parks and trails will be closed to the public on dates when hunting with firearms is scheduled.
  • Firearm hunts occur over 10-12 days in November through February.
  • Park closure dates are always scheduled during weekdays to minimize inconvenience to non-hunting park patrons.
  • Unless otherwise specified, parks and trails remain open on dates when bow hunting is scheduled.
  • Park patrons must remain on trails when visiting a park. Hunters are required to maintain a sufficient distance from trails to minimize any negative encounters.

Hunting Signs

  • Parks have signs posted in parking areas and major trail heads that specify the type of hunting scheduled and any park closure dates.
  • Residents that live adjacent to a County park are advised to check the website or call the MCPC to verify whether hunting is scheduled for that park.
  • Since signs are only posted on official MCPC blazed trails, individuals that access the parks using non-designated paths may not see sign postings.

Designated Hunting Areas

  • All hunters are provided with a hunt map for the park in which they are registered.
  • Hunt maps indicate which areas of the park hunters can access to hunt deer.
  • Hunters are required to maintain a distance of 450 feet from occupied buildings and school playgrounds when in possession of a loaded firearm or nocked arrow. This area is referred to as a "safety zone" and is taken into account on the hunt maps.
  • Hunt maps are subject to updates each year.

Reporting Negative Incidents

Hunting on unscheduled dates, the entering of safety zones and other unlawful behavior is not tolerated by the MCPC. Observations of inappropriate activity should be reported to the Morris County Park Police, as they are occurring: (973) 326-7654.

FAQs For Non-Hunters