How to Get Involved

About the Program

  • The MCPC's Deer Management Program is a controlled hunting program aimed at minimizing the threats posed to forest health by overabundant deer populations.
  • The primary goal of the program is to focus harvest efforts on female deer. The MCPC reserves the right to remove hunters that are not meeting this goal at its discretion.
  • The MCPC has adopted special rules and regulations specific to hunting in the Morris County park system.
  • Hunting in a MCPC facility is by MCPC-issued access permit only. Any person found hunting in a MCPC facility without an access permit will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

About the Special Access Permit

  • Permits are issued annually.
  • Permits allow access to a specific park for the dates and times specified on the permit.
  • Permits are weapon specific; bow or firearm.

The Application Process

  • Hunters must apply to the MCPC for a permit each year.
  • Applications are processed through regular mail.
  • Two lotteries are held to distribute permits.
    • The first lottery is only open to return hunters that have followed all rules and regulations, and that have displayed satisfactory participation and attendance as determined by the MCPC.
    • The second lottery is open to all new hunters.
  • New hunters are required to attend a mandatory orientation session before they can pick up their permit(s).
  • Participation during a previous year is not a guarantee that an applicant will be selected for a permit the following year.
  • A permit for a particular park one year is not a guarantee that an applicant will be selected for that park the following year.

Keep In Mind

  • Participation in the program is not a right. The MCPC reserves the right to suspend or reject individuals as necessary.
  • The MCPC expects all hunters to abide by very strict safety standards. Rule violations are not tolerated and can result in permanent suspension from the program.
  • Hunters are expected to show regard for other hunters, non-hunting park patrons, park neighbors, and MCPC staff.
  • Hunters who are selected for a permit in the lottery but decide that they no longer want the permit must notify the MCPC so that it can be assigned to another individual. Failure to notify the MCPC will render the individual ineligible to apply in the future.

End-of-Season Survey Form

  • All registered hunters are required to submit an end-of-season survey form at the conclusion of each year's program.
  • Forms are mailed out to registered hunters towards the end of the hunting season and include a postage-paid envelope addressed to the MCPC.
  • The harvest information supplied by each hunter is verified with the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife by cross referencing their Automated Game Check System records using each hunter's CID number. Individuals found to be supplying false information will not be permitted back in the program.
  • Failure to submit the survey by the specified deadline will result in automatic disqualification from the following year's program.